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All flights start with a pre-flight briefing concerning the T-6 and its systems, communication and safety issues. Included in the Adventurer, Top Gun and Ultimate packages is the opportunity to experience actual hands-on flying!


We also offer Photo and Sightseeing Flights in a four-seat 1988 Maule M7-235, a four-seat 1981 Cessna 172, or a two-seat 1954 Cessna BirdDog L-19. The cost is $185.00 per hour.


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Discovery Flight - $249.00
15 minutes of flying time

Adventurer Flight - $349.00
30 Minutes of flying time. Includes 10 minutes of hands-on flying!

Top Gun Flight - $449.00
45 Minutes of flying time with 20 minutes of hands on flying!

Ultimate Warbird Experience - $549.00
60 minutes of flying time including 30 minutes of hands on flying!

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Aerobatic upgrades are available for the Adventurer, Top Gun and Ultimate packages. This is a way to get an actual perspective of combat maneuvers. Add $55.00

Aircraft checkout is available for properly certified pilots meeting necessary qualifications. Block time is available upon request.

In-flight 3-camera digital DVD video is also available for an additional $65.00 charge.