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Max Speed: 206 kts
Range: 750 Mi
Service Ceiling: 21500 ft
Time to Climb: 7.4 Min to 10,000 ft

G. Loads: -2 ,+5.5
Fuel Capacity: 110gal of fuel
35 GPH at cruise

The AT-6A North American Texan, built in 1941, was used as an advanced trainer. It is powered by a Pratt & Whitney R1340 9-cylinder engine producing 600Hp. It swings a Hamilton Standard 2-blade propeller giving a distinct sound matched by no other aircraft today. Designed to give cadets a taste for the higher speeds of fighters, bombers and transport aircraft, almost every airforce around the world at one time or another has used the AT-6 to train their fighter pilots. There were approximately 15,495 Texans produced between 1938-1945. The USAAF procured 10,057 and the others went to the US Navy and more than 30 allied nations.

The Aircraft Paint Scheme
The paint scheme represents the USAAF all-weather flying unit based at Clinton County Air Force Base in Ohio in the late 40's through early 50's.